This is a student-led project exploring the impact of philosophy.

Meet its current writers and content creators.

Nikita Patel is a junior at ASU majoring in Philosophy, Political Science, and Justice Studies. She is interested in political philosophy and philosophy of law. In her free time, she enjoys doing yoga and hiking.

Sean Bartlett is a Senior Philosophy student at ASU’s SHPRS. Living in Southern California and attending school remotely, he spends his free time kitesurfing, snowboarding, and playing video games. His personal ambitions aim at studying and writing about Comparative Mythology and Psychology.

Donald Shelton is an undergraduate studying philosophy and political science at ASU through its online program. He is interested in epistemology, existentialism, and social and political philosophy. He hopes to attend graduate school for philosophy after he obtains his degree. In the meantime, he works for a non-profit organization in Memphis where he lives with his physicist wife Liyan, and their black lab Gelert. When he isn’t engaging in academic pursuits he enjoys writing short stories and poetry, and reading novels.

Ashwin Ravi is currently a junior double majoring in Economics and Philosophy. His favorite areas of philosophy are metaphysics and logic, dealing with questions such as philosophy of time and ontology. In his spare time, he like to read history and play video games.

Nathanael Pierce is at ASU pursuing an M.A. in philosophy. A Phoenix native, he enjoys its coffee shops and Lindy Hop scene. He serves as a research assistant to Professor Maura Priest. Elsewhere at ASU, he is a course grader and instructional aide. He is also a board member on the Arizona Bioethics Network. Philosophically, he is interested in epistemology, ethics, and bioethics.

Maura Priest is a philosophy professor and bioethicist at Arizona State University, and occasional visiting researcher at The University of Cologne (Germany). She has also spent time as a visiting scholar at Saint Louis University; The University of Connecticut, and Children’s Mercy Hospital. More information can be found on her website.

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