This is a student-led project exploring the impact of philosophy.

Meet its current writers and content creators.

Courtney Czochara is a junior at ASU from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania majoring in Philosophy and minoring in Justice Studies with plans to attend law school post-graduation. Her philosophical interests include philosophy of law and applied ethics, particularly utilitarianism. In her free time she enjoys journaling, trying new coffee shops, and reading!

Alexander Targe is a senior at ASU from Commack, NY. He attends ASU remotely from Utah.  His main. interest in philosophy is Philosophy of the Mind followed closely by logic and ethics. Alex is applying to law school and hopes to start his JD this coming September. In his free time he works at a residential treatment facility, coaches lacrosse. Alex loves the outdoors and is an avid scuba diver and spearfisherman. He hopes to utilize his philosophy degree throughout his life by allowing himself to think critically and abstractly , while helping others around him.

Areesha Hassan is a junior studying Psychology and Philosophy. They live Dubai and attend ASU remotely. They are predominantly interested in existentialism, philosophy of law and studying philosophy in pop culture. Pursuing both philosophy and psychology allows them to build a strong pre-law background with hopes of attending law school one day. They are a massive true-crime and history enthusiast with a special place in their heart for architecture. Outside of work they enjoy life through food, music, books and movies.

Nathanael Pierce is at ASU pursuing an M.A. in philosophy. A Phoenix native, he enjoys its coffee shops and Lindy Hop scene. He serves as a research assistant to Professor Maura Priest. Elsewhere at ASU, he is a course grader and instructional aide. He is also a board member on the Arizona Bioethics Network. Philosophically, he is interested in epistemology, ethics, and bioethics.

Maura Priest is a philosophy professor and bioethicist at Arizona State University, and occasional visiting researcher at The University of Cologne (Germany). She has also spent time as a visiting scholar at Saint Louis University; The University of Connecticut, and Children’s Mercy Hospital. More information can be found on her website.

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