The Unexamined Meal Is Not Worth Eating

An interview with Professor Joan McGregor exploring her understanding of applied philosophy and current research interests along with an insightful discussion about food justice. The conversation examines the philosophical underpinnings of food through looking at it from an ethical, metaphysical and epistemological standpoint. Joan McGregor is a transdisciplinary and collaborative scholar and President of ASU’sContinue reading “The Unexamined Meal Is Not Worth Eating”

Shawn Klein

“All that I know most surely about morality and obligations I owe to football.” Albert Camus Philosophy lecturer Shawn Klein takes on applied philosophy while talking about his academic career and pursuits in philosophy. We discuss sports through the lens of applied philosophy while understanding the insights it has to offer regarding the value ofContinue reading “Shawn Klein”

Michelle Saint

Michelle Saint lends us her thoughts on applied philosophy while talking about her academic career and pursuits in philosophy and cross-disciplinary studies. She gives her input on a unique approach by exploring fiction through the lens of applied philosophy. While this may sound like a paradox to some it is essential to recognize the impactContinue reading “Michelle Saint”

Sandra Woien

Sandra Woien, a lecturer here at ASU, opens about their academic journey and research interests while discussing important matters related to applied philosophy in a pandemic ridden world. From peculiar yet simple topics like marijuana stocks to addressing deep and intense questions like should a person end their life due to immitigable suffering? Professor WoienContinue reading “Sandra Woien”

Reasonable Asks and What Citizens Owe One Another in a Pandemic

The pandemic seems to be gradually winding down. After a spike of cases and hospitalizations in the spring, nearly half of the United States has received at least one vaccine dose. Cases, hospitalizations, and deaths are all declining.  Slowly, things are returning to business-as-usual. It is a good time to reflect on what we haveContinue reading “Reasonable Asks and What Citizens Owe One Another in a Pandemic”


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