Virtuous Devil of February 2021

Jeffrey Watson Lecturer, ASU We’re pleased to award Jeffrey Watson this month’s Virtuous Devil Award! Read what Watson has to say: “It is an honor to receive this award. Since this award is about Aristotle’s virtue ethics, I’ve been asked to say something about virtue ethics and my teaching. I think I will say somethingContinue reading “Virtuous Devil of February 2021”

Virtuous Devil of January 2021

Rachel Levit Ades PhD Student, ASU We’re pleased to award Rachel Levit Ades this month’s Virtuous Devil Award! Read what Ades has to say below: “I have benefited greatly from mentorship and advice during college and graduate school. I was honored to be asked to serve on the Barrett thesis committee for Morgan LelandContinue reading “Virtuous Devil of January 2021”

Virtuous Devil of December 2020

Joan McGregor Professor of Philosophy, ASU We’re pleased to award Joan McGregor as this month’s Virtuous Devil! Read what McGregor has to say below: “I’m honored to be given this award.   “I was asked to discuss some of my work. In the last number of years, I’ve been increasingly weaving together my community service/ volunteerContinue reading “Virtuous Devil of December 2020”