Cheshire Calhoun

How do you define applied philosophy? I actually think that “applied philosophy” is a terrible name for a field.  On the one hand, I can report from experience that many people equate applied philosophy with applied ethics. On the other hand, “applied philosophy” can easily suggest that all the real philosophy gets done first—that is, oneContinue reading “Cheshire Calhoun”

Is Gene-Enhancement Ethical?

Hello Aristotle, I just read about a researcher in China who was sentenced to three years in prison for creating, what he says are, the first “gene-edited babies.” This may be a broad question, but regarding these new gene-editing technologies, what would be some ethical questions to consider in regards to gene-enhancement? Oh, and welcomeContinue reading “Is Gene-Enhancement Ethical?”

Are Video Games Good?

Dear Aristotle, Hi Aristotle, love your column. Glad to see you writing again; it’s been a few years. I’m wondering what you think about video games. Is there a difference in virtue between video games and other types of recreation? Is it morally and/or aesthetically better to spend one’s free time, say, learning a musicalContinue reading “Are Video Games Good?”

Ben Phillips

How do you define “applied philosophy”? I’m a little squeamish about definitions, but I guess I would characterize “applied philosophy” as philosophical theorizing of the sort that addresses issues arising in other disciplines, or in everyday life.  How does your research fit within applied philosophy, as you define it? Tell us about this research. WhatContinue reading “Ben Phillips”

Why Read Literature?

Dear Aristotle, Why should we read literature? I am a second-year engineering student at El Camino College in LA and I feel like I don’t learn anything from my English classes. I don’t see how Charles Bukowski or Herman Melville can teach me about balancing a budget or about getting a job after graduation. It’sContinue reading “Why Read Literature?”

Legalization or Decriminalization?

When lawyers and political philosophers talk about whether people should be allowed to use drugs like weed, they often distinguish between two important terms: drug decriminalization and drug legalization. Advocating for drug decriminalization means advocating for the legalization of recreational use and owning small quantities of drugs. Advocating for drug legalization means advocating for alsoContinue reading “Legalization or Decriminalization?”

Virtuous Devil of January 2021

Rachel Levit Ades PhD Student, ASU We’re pleased to award Rachel Levit Ades this month’s Virtuous Devil Award! Read what Ades has to say below: “I have benefited greatly from mentorship and advice during college and graduate school. I was honored to be asked to serve on the Barrett thesis committee for Morgan LelandContinue reading “Virtuous Devil of January 2021”

Cheshire Calhoun

This is a candid after-class conversation about the nature and justification of political authority between Professor Cheshire Calhoun and undergraduate student Ashwin Ravi.  Cheshire Calhoun is a philosophy professor and Faculty Head at ASU. She works in the areas of normative ethics, moral psychology, feminist philosophy, and lesbian and gay studies. Her books are “Doing Valuable Time:Continue reading “Cheshire Calhoun”

Virtuous Devil of December 2020

Joan McGregor Professor of Philosophy, ASU We’re pleased to award Joan McGregor as this month’s Virtuous Devil! Read what McGregor has to say below: “I’m honored to be given this award.   “I was asked to discuss some of my work. In the last number of years, I’ve been increasingly weaving together my community service/ volunteerContinue reading “Virtuous Devil of December 2020”