Sandra Woien

Sandra Woien, a lecturer here at ASU, opens about their academic journey and research interests while discussing important matters related to applied philosophy in a pandemic ridden world. From peculiar yet simple topics like marijuana stocks to addressing deep and intense questions like should a person end their life due to immitigable suffering? Professor WoienContinue reading “Sandra Woien”

Reasonable Asks and What Citizens Owe One Another in a Pandemic

The pandemic seems to be gradually winding down. After a spike of cases and hospitalizations in the spring, nearly half of the United States has received at least one vaccine dose. Cases, hospitalizations, and deaths are all declining.  Slowly, things are returning to business-as-usual. It is a good time to reflect on what we haveContinue reading “Reasonable Asks and What Citizens Owe One Another in a Pandemic”

Is It Immoral to Indulge in Luxuries?

Even if most people would say it is morally good to be charitable, it is still a commonly accepted position that it is not immoral to refrain from donating excess wealth to the relief of others. In his influential 1971 essay, “Famine, Affluence, and Morality,” Peter Singer lays out an argument for redefining our conceptionContinue reading “Is It Immoral to Indulge in Luxuries?”

Why I Need A Fat Philosophy (And So Do You)

I went into the COVID lockdown a fat person, and I’ll be leaving it as an even fatter person. I need a fat philosophy to help me make sense of the changes my body has undergone during the pandemic. And, I believe, whether you are fat or thin, whether your body shape changed during theContinue reading “Why I Need A Fat Philosophy (And So Do You)”

Ending Friendships Over Politics?

Dear Aristotle, Is it ethical to end a friendship over extreme political differences? I had a friend that had very different views from me and it often got in the way of our conversations. I felt like it was a reflection of her moral character. Thanks. – Sam Dear Sam, Thanks very much for this timelyContinue reading “Ending Friendships Over Politics?”

Virtuous Devil of February 2021

Jeffrey Watson Lecturer, ASU We’re pleased to award Jeffrey Watson this month’s Virtuous Devil Award! Read what Watson has to say: “It is an honor to receive this award. Since this award is about Aristotle’s virtue ethics, I’ve been asked to say something about virtue ethics and my teaching. I think I will say somethingContinue reading “Virtuous Devil of February 2021”

Cheshire Calhoun

How do you define applied philosophy? I actually think that “applied philosophy” is a terrible name for a field.  On the one hand, I can report from experience that many people equate applied philosophy with applied ethics. On the other hand, “applied philosophy” can easily suggest that all the real philosophy gets done first—that is, oneContinue reading “Cheshire Calhoun”

Is Gene-Enhancement Ethical?

Hello Aristotle, I just read about a researcher in China who was sentenced to three years in prison for creating, what he says are, the first “gene-edited babies.” This may be a broad question, but regarding these new gene-editing technologies, what would be some ethical questions to consider in regards to gene-enhancement? Oh, and welcomeContinue reading “Is Gene-Enhancement Ethical?”

Are Video Games Good?

Dear Aristotle, Hi Aristotle, love your column. Glad to see you writing again; it’s been a few years. I’m wondering what you think about video games. Is there a difference in virtue between video games and other types of recreation? Is it morally and/or aesthetically better to spend one’s free time, say, learning a musicalContinue reading “Are Video Games Good?”