Virtuous Devil of January 2021

Rachel Levit Ades

PhD Student, ASU

We’re pleased to award Rachel Levit Ades this month’s Virtuous Devil Award! Read what Ades has to say below:

“I have benefited greatly from mentorship and advice during college and graduate school. I was honored to be asked to serve on the Barrett thesis committee for Morgan Leland last year. Morgan created a thesis on disability and higher education that incorporated her personal experience, and we had many wonderful conversations as she honed her ideas and ultimately created a really interesting paper. I am a co-leader of the graduate student writing group within our department–my colleague Aubrey and I were interested in creating an encouraging space for everyone to share ideas. I really appreciate the accountability andI hope the group particularly encourages new and untraditional MA and PhD students. I am also a mentor for a new graduate student this fall. I came to our department in part because it was great to see other women doing philosophy, and I have been proud to provide this visibility to others. 

“I do some work in disability access outside of ASU; I am working now on completing 40 hour training to become an ADA coordinator, and am interning with the City of Mesa. I have been part of an inclusive theater company and community since I moved to Arizona. Twice a year, I get to jump around on stage and put on a musical with actors with disabilities. I am also gaining some notriety as a sign language interpreter for Zoom dance parties. 

“I am motivated to bring the work that is done in disability access to philosophy and academia in general. I am working on videos and advice for academics captioning videos and creating accessible PDFs. I serve on our MAP committee as an accessibility consultant, and am really interested in making sure our events are for everyone. I also think a lot about accommodations language, and disability language, in general. I wrote a blog post last year for the APA on eliminating the phrase “blind review” from solicitations for conference and journal submissions. 

“This spring, I am teaching a bioethics class with a strong feminist/disability studies focus. I am also looking forward to running a philosophy discussion group for adults with cognitive disabilities.”

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