Virtuous Devil of the Month

With the vision and hope of bringing forth a bit of light into the days of our readers across campus, it is with great pleasure that we are finally unfolding the Virtuous Devil of the Month, a very special and novel award that our team is dedicated to bestowing upon some of the purest and most virtuous Sun Devils that Arizona State University has to offer! This award’s importance does not merely stem from the rewards to be collected but rather, from the inherent ethical qualities that award recipients must both possess and put into practice within their daily lives as to strive for the greatest moral existence. Virtue today may not be the most popular nor widely discussed philosophy but this does not deter from its innate importance, nor does it deter us from striving to recognize and reward such qualities that exist within our very own student and faculty body! 

The mere concept of virtue actually has a long history and deep ties in moral philosophy and can be traced all the way back to Ancient Greece, as well as to one of the greatest thinkers in human history: Aristotle. Aristotle brought forth his own moral philosophy: Aristotelian Ethics, and unlike other moral philosophies, Aristotelian Ethics places a significant emphasis on an individual’s character, as well as their efforts to cultivate a life of morality. Aristotle specifically defined virtue as a disposition to act in a particular manner, however, this disposition is not in fact a, “natural” disposition, rather, it is a carefully, consciously, and rationally calculated habit that is done for its own sake. In other words, Aristotle’s virtue ethics can essentially be defined as the ‘habitual disposition’ to consistently choose to do what is right as often as one can. 

Please view the short video below to better understand Aristotelian virtue ethics! 

Some examples of Aristotelian virtues include: Courage (bravery), Temperance (moderation), Truthfulness (honesty, candidness), and Justice (sense of right and wrong)

With all that said, we would like to reach out to all ASU students, faculty, and staff across campus to aide us with the distribution of this novel award! ASU is such a large and diverse campus so to accurately distinguish some of the most virtuous persons, we are kindly calling on the ASU community to send in nominations for the Sun Devils around you that you believe best embody Aristotelian virtues! With said nominations, our team will then highlight one virtuous being on a monthly basis on our page, so as to share with the rest of the ASU community, the exemplary role models that continue to uphold virtuous behavior, even in the wake of so much chaos and uncertainty that is currently plaguing the world we share. Lastly, we would like to extend a huge thank you to all of those who participate, as well as wish nothing but the best of luck to all nominees!

Written by Sarah Noor.

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